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sq Licensing
Gallery Sales

sq Licensing:
Many images on this site are available for licensing and reproduction in the décor industry and surface design markets. I’m always creating fresh images and looking for new inspirations. If your company has specific ideas or color trends that you would like to see explored by my paintbrush please contact me and together we’ll work to create a winning line of profitable licensing images.
Gallery Information:
Originals and high quality giclee reproductions in standard sizes are available for most images. If you have interest in artwork that is no longer available I can create something similar in style and subject. Or, if you have demand for certain subject or color trends, I would be happy to create some options.
Whether it’s a complex ten-foot mural or a simple ten-inch painting it is my goal to create a treasured piece of art for each client with a custom color pallet that enhances and energizes the space it lives in.
Private and corporate commissions are negotiated on an individual basis.  
Pricing is driven by various criteria such as the need for photo shoots, research, travel and complexity of composition.

Contact Cathy by phone (518) 463-5546, or email for additional information.
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