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sq cathy sq If your child really loves art, private instruction can turn a creative spark into a flame.
As I shift my attention from the demands of commercial illustration and concentrate on painting the things I love, the time feels right to inspire young artists.
As a child, I spent countless hours drawing at home and always carried a sketchbook around for recording images out and about. When I was 13, my parent’s artist friend, Neva, agreed to give me private art lessons. I always looked forward to the weekly lessons. It was great to show her what I had worked on that week and receive her creative feedback. I had terrific art teachers in school, but private lessons were something very special. The lessons were informal and sometimes we would just go to the countryside and sketch or paint. Looking back, the lessons had a profound effect on my artistic abilities and gave me the confidence to pursue my college degree in illustration.
Private art instruction is ideal for children ages 11 and up, and adults of any age. For high school students who are seeking a career in the arts, I provide insights drawn from my commercial experience and marketing expertise as we develop their skills and prepare portfolio pieces.
Art lessons are conducted at my home studio in Loudonville, NY. throughout the school year and during the summer months. Please call 463-5546 for more info.
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